Give C-Store Rx Card to Your Customers

Want to drive customers into your stores? Create and enhance customer loyalty? Get free publicity and media stories on how your company is generating goodwill and saving your customers hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on their prescriptions? Our public relations firm (at our cost) will work with your company to generate news articles for the local media to let the public know about the availability of the C-Store Rx Card. The publicity will generate foot traffic into your stores. Give out the card to every customer that comes into your store and makes a purchase.

Of course you do - but how?

Simply provide the Free C-Store Rx Discount Prescription Card to your customers. It costs your company nothing! We print all of the cards, posters and card stands (only 4 inches of counter space) needed to promote the program.

What's more your company will receive $1.00 per paid prescription from cards provided to your customers. We'll private label the card for your company and it will have a designated code to track all of your customer usage. We provide monthly reports together with a royalty check for paid prescription claims. If your company has a charity or a foundation - this could help fund your company's worthwhile efforts of those entities.

How does my company get the customer card program going?

Simply CLICK HERE to send an email with your contact information and either Marty (Chief Marketing Officer); Steve (National Sales Manager) or Roger (National Sales) will contact you to discuss developing the customer card program for your company.

Here are the highlights of the discount card program:

  • Customers will save up to 75% on individual prescriptions - both brand name and generics
  • Savings up to 65% on an annual basis
  • Often card pricing is better than the cost of a prescription or even a co-pay amount for customers covered by a health plan so customers should always compare pricing
  • All family members covered by one card
  • Customer pays no fees to obtain the card
  • No exclusions - everyone can use the card regardless of age, income or health conditions
  • Every chain pharmacy is in the 60,000 pharmacy network as are most independents
  • No paperwork to fill out - card is ready for use; customer just takes card to a participating pharmacy when filling a prescription
  • Card has no expiration date and can be used as often as needed
  • Covers 60,000+ medications
  • Cardholder information is held confidential and not used for any other purpose
For additional information, please call 800-931-8872 (24 hours) or contact us by email at: